Human Stability
Discover "The Nervous System Stabilizer" & "EPDM / WOWS - A Music Infused Meditation"


A video tool to heal, balance and stabilize your nervous system.

• Manifesting your life success
• Boosting creativity
• Increasing learning capacity
• Increasing brain focus, organization, communicational ability, while promoting relaxation
• Easy and practical for anyone - anytime, anywhere
• Promoting all-round well-being of the body

Use a computer with headphones. Begin by relaxing your body, then put on your headphones and watch this video - it will last about 6 minutes. While watching the video, focus on the center of the image.

You will hear the main balancing tone throughout the track. Humming gently to it is not mandatory but nonetheless recommended in order to help open your crown chakra, bringing your communication or growth center (Thyroid Gland) into balance with your third eye (Pineal Gland) for DNA activation and life direction.
About WOWS:

WOWS (WateringOurWholesomeSeeds) is a meditation practice that enables us to create an intimate and caring relationship with the mind. Mind is everywhere, and within mind, consciousness unfolds in its various forms, allowing us to perceive life. One form of consciousness is store consciousness. In the store, qualities of all emotions and thoughts are present, determining our happiness and suffering. These qualities are called seeds, which are watered by our attention and sprout into mind consciousness, effecting the way we think, speak and act. To selectively water certain seeds allows us to respond to situations in a way that facilitate understanding and compassion within and around us. (Recorded with 1000Hz energizing frequency)

What we need: We need a space to lie down, sit or stand. Make sure you're not gonna be disturbed (turn off ringtone, doorbell etc.) for the next 20 minutes.

Headphones can be useful to shut off all noises coming from around and create a private meditation bubble, especially for beginners.

How to do it: Get into a comfortable position and be there for a minute or so. Pay attention to your facial muscles, detect tension and relax it. Do the same with your shoulder muscles, let them hang loose. Continue detecting tension in your body and relax all muscles that are not needed for the position you are in.

Play the WOWS-meditation and follow the guided verses. Each verse consists of two lines regarding the in-breath and out-breath, and two key words. The two lines explain what this particular element is about, the key words will help you to guide yourself during the time until the next element starts.

This is how it looks like: Breathing in, I follow my in-breath from the beginning to the end. Breathing out, I follow my out-breath from the beginning to the end. (VERSE)

- following in-breath, following out-breath - (KEY WORDS)

In this WOWS-session we will first come back to our body and breathing, then water the seeds of peace, understanding, love, joy, gratitude and embrace one seed of suffering. Just go ahead, it is as simple as it can be!

Wishing you an enjoyable meditation experience!

About EPDM:

EPDM (ExpressivePebbleDanceMeditation) is a fusion of Expressive Dancing and the Plum Village Pebble Meditation. As a holistic creative meditation practice it connects us with flowers, mountains, water and space as meditation objects. They represent freshness, solidity, reflection and freedom. This practice allows us to express, internalize and embody these qualities with intuitive movements such as dance and other, and encourages transformation and liberation of body and mind.

What we need: We need space! Take as much space as you have. Set visible or tangible boundaries around that area, such as ropes around the dance-floor, cushions at each corner, or cover the dance-floor.

Best to have a partner, a compassionate witness, who will guarantee a safe session for the dancer, especially if blind-folded.

You might want to use eye masks (such as provided in airplanes, or simple scarfs) to get deeper into the music and your body. It also helps alleviating the feeling of shame, exposing yourself to others.

How to do it: We pair up, and the dancer stands in the middle of the dance-floor, while the compassionate witness takes position in one corner of that space.

As the EPDM-soundtrack starts, the dancer gets into meditation, bringing awareness to body and breath, letting the body intuitively move within the set boundaries of the dance-floor.

The compassionate witness will be taking care that the dancer is not crossing these boundaries by gentle touch or calling the dancer's name, and preventing the partner of moving into others or tripping over obstacles.

After the session (ca. 20min.) the dancer takes on the role of the compassionate witness and vice versa. When both have completed the EPDM, we come together, possibly with other dancers, and share our experiences.

Alternatively you might like to enjoy this practice lying down, sitting or standing.

Wishing you an enjoyable meditation experience!

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