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The Ultimate Merkabah Ascension Sound Activation Tool
The Ultimate Merkabah Ascension Sound Activation Tool features 333 Hz, which is the balancing frequency of the entire universe, and 333,000 Hz is the point at which astral dream reality becomes the physical.

We balance all frequency with this ultimate tool to number 9 that equals 432 Hz, another major frequency. It activates your oxygen level in your body through the 333 Hz bell tones overlaid on perfect frequency sign tones and panning for left/right balance of the brain.

The soundtrack is produced at 60 BPM, which is the heartbeat of the universe. Special instrument chords have been used to create a calming and serene soundscape for your happiness…

Enjoy relaxation, health, freedom and soul spirit manifestation from the power of the spinning balancing action of Merkabah…

Now is the time for this tool to be used, during the ascension period of 2018 from the comfort of your home, car or with headphones.

The mixes have been carefully mastered at the Karma Soul Records Studio for effective usage on all audio systems.
The Nervous System Stabilizer
A video tool to heal, balance and stabilize your nervous system.

• Manifesting your life success
• Boosting creativity
• Increasing learning capacity
• Increasing brain focus, organization, communicational ability, while promoting relaxation
• Easy and practical for anyone - anytime, anywhere
• Promoting all-round well-being of the body

Use a computer with headphones. Begin by relaxing your body, then put on your headphones and watch this video - it will last about 6 minutes. While watching the video, focus on the center of the image.

You will hear the main balancing tone throughout the track. Humming gently to it is not mandatory but nonetheless recommended in order to help open your crown chakra, bringing your communication or growth center (Thyroid Gland) into balance with your third eye (Pineal Gland) for DNA activation and life direction.
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